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DC Services

Fitness Center Maintenance & Equipment Tracking

“Out of Order”

In a fitness center environment these three little words are able to evoke more emotion than any other. To your valued customers they could be a minor inconvenience or a potential last straw. To an owner/operator “Out of Order” usually represents the end result and a constant reminder of weeks, sometimes months of intermittent operation, customer complaints, warranty inquiries, and most importantly a customer perception of unreliable and substandard equipment.

Your equipment is just that, equipment. It is the life of your business. It’s expensive, state of the art, and its continued operation is something that has to happen. For all of reasons it MUST be taken care of.

Prevention, scheduled maintenance, warranty/equipment tracking, equipment service history and trained technicians are the tools DC Services use every day. After your equipment is entered into our system, an ongoing record of every inspection, servicing, or repair is maintained by our staff. Our experienced staff will monitor warranty expirations, options to renew, when equipment was serviced last, and what components have been replaced and why. Additionally our attention to detail includes comprehensive notes and documentation that is machine specific and readily available.

Every aspect of your equipment records is available through our comprehensive web-based software. With a web-based system, DC Services can access YOUR company profile at any point from anywhere. Within minutes a detailed overview of every piece of equipment in your facility and a complete service history is available to our staff. This allows us to retrieve information and possible solutions in minutes. If your particular issue cannot be addressed over the phone, then we can arrange for one of our nationwide service technicians to contact you within in 24 hours and schedule a service call.

At DC Services we understand that not every technician has encountered and/or repaired every problem and because of this we have developed a unique team approach that allows our technicians to communicate as a whole. Any repair issue can be submitted and viewed by all technicians instantaneously. This allows a technician with field specific knowledge of the issue in question to respond with the most appropriate course of action. Additionally DC Services equips our technicians with the most current maintenance and service documentation available. From exploded parts diagrams to detailed replacement procedures, we will get your equipment back in working order.

Training, quality assurance, and improved technology help insure you receive the highest level of service. Choose DC Services for your ongoing fitness center equipment maintenance.