DC Services

DC Services

Training and Certifications

At DC Services we have a high expectation for our professional service technicians and provide ongoing multidisciplinary training to ensure they continuously meet those expectations.

In the Ready to Assemble service industry, one may not think much training may be required for putting together a grill, a playset, or a treadmill. However to ensure our customers receive exceptional service and expectations are exceeded, we utilize different training techniques to get your project done right the first time and in the least amount of time possible.

DC Services technicians receive training on the job, through web-based training sessions, and through the use of instructional video. All equipment and task specific procedures are covered and documented as they are performed. Training materials are obtained directly from the product manufactures. Instructional manuals, repair procedures, parts diagrams, and field tested methods are combined to create a comprehensive program. This method builds on the already impressive skills of our carefully selected technicians.

To ensure consistency and that no matter where you live your service is exceptional, DC Services creates and maintains a training record for all of our technicians. Our training records are maintained and kept up to date as they are completed.

All these efforts combine to create the most diverse and well trained professional assembly technicians available. All whom are ready to assist you with your assembly needs. Call DC Services to schedule one of our professional service technicians today!