DC Services

DC Services

Preventive Maintenance

Would you buy a new car and never get an oil change? Preventative maintenance for your fitness equipment will keep your investment performing at its best. Taking advantage of a preventative maintenance program will help to reduce or eliminate issues over the lifetime of your equipment.

DC Services offers a preventative maintenance program that keeps you up to date with equipment warranties and sends you reminders when it might be time for service. Through scheduled maintenance, warranty/equipment tracking, equipment service history and trained technicians we are able to stop problems before they happen or resolve them quickly when they do.

DC Services uses a comprehensive web-based approach for documentation and reporting on any work that has been performed on your equipment. Once entered into our system, an ongoing record of everything that happens is maintained by our trained staff. DC Services will keep up with warranty expiration, options to renew, last service dates, and what components of your equipment have been replaced and why. Our detailed records will keep machine specific information and comments about every service call.

Keep your equipment performing at its best with a Preventative Maintenance Plan from DC Services!